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Anti-Spam E-mail Policy

UOL does not authorize the use of its computer network to transmit or distribute unsolicited bulk e-mail or other unauthorized email, to internet users or UOL customers, which are used to:

  • Send promotional marketing material of products, services or entities, commercial or non-commercial, profitable or non-profitable
  • Send bulk or unauthorized email, without previous permission, to a group of people
  • Widespread or transmit chain e-mail messages;
  • Offer or make available, for any purpose, list of email addresses.

The following practices are not allowed either:

  • To use UOL Network to send email messages to or through the network that make use of or contains invalid or forged headers, therefore impairing or preventing the origin identification, or send messages through third party's mail servers without the permission of the third party (relaying);
  • To send email messages to UOL customers or users that do not comply with “UOL's Privacy and Security Guidelines”;
  • Use UOL’s computers and computer network to harvest or collect email addresses of its customers for the direct or indirect purpose of sending spam.

UOL reserves the right to take all technical steps available to prevent the use of its computer networks from sending, transmit or storage spam, including, but not limiting, the blockage of senders or email servers of other domains, for the period of time UOL considers necessary, or until the domain owners have allegedly demonstrated satisfactory and efficient actions were taken to prevent spam from being sent.

UOL reserves the right to take all legal and civil actions applicable to prevent spam from being sent to its Internet users and subscribers, the storage or transmission of spam through or to its equipment, as well as, inappropriate use of UOL’s computer network, preserving the rights to take legal actions for the reimbursement for money spent or losses incurred on such acts.

This policy does not give any rights to transmit or send email messages to or through UOL network, which does not comply with UOL’s “Privacy and Security Guidelines”. UOL's delay to reprimand any third party actions, not authorized by this policy, can not be interpreted as UOL’s ceasing of the policy and UOL maintains its right to do so in the future.

UOL users and subscribers that feel harmed by spam received can report abuse by clicking here, submitting the information in the header line of the unsolicited message.

Anti-Spam UOL

To facilitate unsolicited email management, UOL has developed a software, the UOL Anti-Spam, which blocks unsolicited email messages, making more difficult for malicious email massage, unauthorized advertising, chain and porn email to be delivered. Not only it is safer and offers more privacy, it also allows you to quickly download you messages.

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