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Privacy Policy

UOL is aware of how important safety and privacy are; therefore UOL is working on these issues. In order keep your tranquility; UOL publishes a range of rules to be followed by UOL users and customers and states our core commitment to guarantee your privacy.

What must you not do while using UOL services? You must not:

  • use UOL services for illegal purposes
  • transmit or post threats, child pornography, racist material or any other kind of material that violates any federal, state, or local law in Brazil.
  • transmit computer virus or malicious software (worms) or any other computer program format, self-replicating or non-replicating, which may cause fatal or temporary damages to the recipient’s equipment.
  • transmit certain types or a large amount of data that can damage services or equipment on UOL’s network or on the Internet
  • use the net to attempt to and/or get unauthorized access to communication devices, information or computing.
  • forge machine, email or network addresses, in an attempt to make the third part responsible for the damages, or to hide or obscure the responsibility.
  • destroy or damage user’s data and information.
  • violate other users’ privacy
  • transmit through email, chats, forums and similar communication types, unsolicited emails such as chain mail and bulk messages, commercial or not
  • repeatedly send identical email message to a particular address through email (mail bombing)
  • violate anyone's intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks, confidential ideas) by posting material, without a previous authorization, on UOL servers.

What happens when one disobeys one of the rules?

  • receives a warning or, even, has the contract ceased
  • if authorities request, the person’s data is provided for further analysis

What are UOL’s commitments to users and customers in order to guarantee their safety and privacy?

  • UOL does not share, under any circumstances, without previous authorization, the user’s email whose logon requires personally identifiable information such as Postal Cards, Forums, Virtual Friends, Email public list and other services
  • UOL does not disclose, under any circumstances, the user’s email to other companies
  • UOL does not send email messages to the users, without being previously authorized or requested
  • UOL provides users with the possibility to cancel, at any time, previously authorized information material sent through email
  • UOL preserves users’ identities, and ensures their details are kept in secret while they navigate on UOL pages. Therefore, users must respect the rules mentioned above, as well as the rules of specific services
  • UOL keeps users’ credit card number secret
  • UOL uses cookies (information sent through UOL’s server to the user’s computer, a tool of identification) only for internal audience control of navigation and preferences and never controls the users’ preferences, unless the user violates the safety rules mentioned above or rules of specific service. You do not need to agree with cookies.
  • UOL guarantees the identity privacy and security to users who shop online at UOL. Subscription data – such as name, address and credit card number – are protected by advanced encryption system while sent and are kept secret using UOL’s secure Web servers.


Atençăo! Lembre-se: sua senha de acesso no UOL é secreta; năo a informe a ninguém.
O UOL jamais solicitará sua senha por e-mail ou por telefone. Trocar senha.